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And do you have ANY suggestions for positions or techniques or SOMETHING that might make him James: The idea that size doesn’t matter is asinine. ” Not all girls want huge dicks and “too big” exists just as much as “too small.” As for “size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use”? for the job doesn’t mean that I’m going to be able to use it correctly.The idea that anything “doesn’t matter” is asinine. I’m not saying that because this guy’s dick isn’t huge, girls are going to be like “OHHHH, I’m not having sex with you! It’s the combination of size and technique, and every different person is going to have a different opinion on what works for them. So, get “size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it” out of your head. Is it normal that I don't even give a chance or want to date an Asian man, because all I can think about is "Does he have a small penis?" Everytime I do meet a nice Chinese or Asian guy, all I have in my mind is "Is the myth true that he could have a very small dick?I want to believe that size doesn’t matter and that it’s all about how he uses what he’s got, but I feel like any instruction I could give will make it blatantly obvious that his three-inch penis isn’t doing it for me — and the last thing i want to do is insult him over something he can’t change.

That having a small penis means you’re inadequate in all aspects of your life, not just sex.With their chant of 'empowerment, not endowment', Small Penis Support Group members hope to convince the world that size doesn't matter. In the name of research, Mark Ellwood attends a brief meeting Any man who claims that he doesn't wish his penis were larger is lying: hung like a baseball bat or a double-A battery, we all know it could be bigger.We also know that, despite spammed promises of pills to put meat on our members, there's no way, surgical or otherwise, to go from earthworm to anaconda.So whenever I meet an Asian guy, I just can't even go past Date 1, because I don't want to end up being disappointed when we are in the bedroom a month or more later.I can't just ask a Asian guy if I can make sure his penis is an average or above average size right away on the first date....

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