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Some prayers will be answered, and the recipients ... Besides simply deciding what we might like to eat for dinner, my wife and I give careful thought to where our food comes from. On a sitcom, one regular character carried meekness to a fault.We try to buy organic and local and seasonal produce whenever we can. Are there times when a person should be asked to leave a small group? But those times should be rare, and it should be done only for the right reasons. He bustled into the office muttering, "I'm sorry I'm late." "You're not late." "Well then, I'm sorry I'm early," he replied.The news today is filled with terrible stories of violence and suffering. With enemies to conquer, rivers to cross, in-house problems to solve, and land to divide fairly, many people ... It was one of the first men to use total war, American Civil War General William Sherman, who used to say, "War is hell! It is hellish in its horror and destruction: the unleashing of the forces of evil. From beach novels (The Da Vinci Code) to art photography (Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ") to music videos (Lady Gaga's "Alejandro") to video games, Christian outrage and criticism have lifted numerous works up from obscurity—and made household ...Violence against Christians, racial strife, airplanes crashed or missing, ongoing conflict in Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and several African countries—it’s no ... For as long as the church has existed, Christians have embraced the arts as a poignant and effective method for telling the story of the Bible. Just ask a church leader to list his or her spiritual gifts, talk about his areas of passion, or tell you her Myers-Briggs profile (any other ENTJ's out there? We should treat them as we would like to be treated. My husband, Brad, met Norman when Brad spoke at an interfaith Easter service. In a short time, Brad learned that Norman had been ...Although alcohol is by no means a central scriptural issue, the Bible alludes to its use. Its etymology is far removed from its current stress-inducing connotation, but I want ...The problem emerged in Jewish experience after the conquest of Canaan. The holidays are coming we tell each other, sometimes with a wild, fearful look in our eyes. Many years ago I was walking in Newport Beach, a beach in Southern California, with two friends.

Its purpose: to instigate a national conversation about how to make courtship more practical. Then couples who did get married through courtship started getting divorced.

Most people don't talk much about mental illness. From visual displays to music to literature, no organization has been more responsible than the church for ... A photo of my seven-week-old nephew, Jayden, shows an irritated expression on his face and a tiny black shirt printed with a white rib cage on his little tummy.

And because of this silence, many of us have the misconception that mental illness is something rare, something that happens to unusual people at the margins of society. People pray on bended knee, opening their hearts to God, asking him for a myriad of things: healing of cancer, a job after all these months, a buyer for their house in a frozen market, the end of pain. The biggest change Christ made in my life is a desire to serve others rather than myself. Afterward, I was drawn to the weak and hurting and constantly looked for opportunities to minister. Jayden's ensemble was a nod to my family's legendary ability to ignore a gently rumbling ...

We rely mostly on Christian “professionals”—pastors and popular Christian teachers—to ... For some reason, pregnancy launched me into a preparatory nightmare. If you could visit that place today, you would be amazed by the beauty and abundance of life beneath that golden canopy.

What would be less obvious is that what appears to the eye ...

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