Updating ubuntu without internet

However, such programs often need other resources to work.

When you install software, thousands of files may be required just to let the program start!

I think a possible solution would be to download a LAMP package on my computer with internet and then transfer it over to the Raspberry Pi, but I am not sure what kind of path and folder issues I might run into then.

There are some complications getting apt-offline to work properly on Lubuntu and all other methods seem to be too old and deprecated: Apt Off - last update 2006 Apt Medium - last update 2007 Keryx - last update 2011, looks like this project was discontinued I hope I will be able to somehow update the offline machine, finally.

While I was still not able to update/upgrade the offline system due to authentication errors, I accepted an answer, because it's taking too long.

However, you may need a particular piece of software that serves a purpose not served by the default applications.

You might just want to try an alternative program to one which is already installed. This section covers the basic concepts of packages and package management.

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The Linux system shall remain completely cut off from the Windows machine, meaning there should be no ethernet connection or the likes between the two computers.

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