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Yes, that’s right, despite the fact that Jesus was born, lived and is buried in the country - only a small percentage of the population is composed of Christians. In America the Jews divide into the Orthodox, Reform and Conservative movements. The rest (about 10%) are very observant Jews known as Charedim.

In Israel however, people define their Jewish identity based on the degree to which they observe Judaism in their daily routine. They are super Orthodox and observe and dedicate their lives to the religion.

The Shabbat Chattan typically takes place on the Shabbat after the wedding.

After the Torah reading, the members of the congregation sing songs and to throw soft candies, raisins and nuts at the groom as an expression of the community's wishes for a sweet start for the new life the bride and groom will soon begin together.

American women who marry Israeli men face a culture clash by RUTH SELIGMAN, Bulletin Corresponden.

Dating Israeli Men Ben I remember when I lived in Israel during my junior year in college, I've never really dated a true Jewish Guy!

So if you are a Buddhist, a Rastafarian or whatever and want to practice your religion in Israel – just do it!These appear less concerned with the dangers of inbreeding and more concerned with ensuring that no woman can be related to a man in more than one way; for example, woman cannot be both an aunt and a wife to the same man.A man was permitted to marry his dead wifes sister since he was no longer related to her.Islam is common to about 16% of the population – almost all of the Arab citizens of Israel are Muslims.However, some of them are Christian, and together with other non-Arab followers of Christianity, a total of 2% of the population are Christians. than anywhere else in the world, Israel is the only country that has a majority of Jews. The women are also recognizable by their garments as they dress quite traditionally - wearing a long skirt or dress instead of pants or jeans.

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From Orthodox Jewish dating customs to Jewish wedding customs, there are many traditions that have been in place in the Orthodox Jewish religion for centuries.

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