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Eschewing his love of colourful tops and revealing spandex shorts, the erotic movie legend looked almost run-of-the-mill as he got ready to fill his belly in the well-heeled area of Los Angeles County.

He returned to the ring and won an exhibition fight by knockout in 2014, however his opponent later claimed he had been paid to throw the fight.

He became an icon around the world due to his turn as a sex-obsessed stockbroker in Nine And A Half Weeks.

But Mickey Rourke followed his basics instinct by wearing an uncharacteristically plain ensemble as he headed to lunch in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Barbara was pulled out and thrown to the ground by policemen, a foot planted in the middle of her back.

Hands cuffed behind her, she was bundled into a car for the journey to the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack.

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