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Dislike make it work better for small groups and have the students estimate how far back they can date other.

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Yes I use Picard, I have tried Monkeysomething, I had hopes for Tag&Rename, but none can fix my problem.

The problem is that CDs did not exist before the 1980s, and almost all mp3s have come from CDs, and so almost every "Year" field in every MP3 tag is wrong.

Why hasn't anyone created a mp3 tagger with "Use oldest date available" or a "Use Copyright date" function.

I have been looking for one for about 15 years, and it is looking more and more like I either need to go back to school and learn programming (not really possible at my age, I think), or have a child and push them into programming just to be able to use smartplaylists for anything created before 1990. Perhaps, but for a 17 year old library, that would be a daunting task to be done by hand.

Just because the CD containing the song was released in 1994, doesn't mean that I need to know it, or have any use having that date in a tag field.

The night itself was jam packed with everyone from the big online dating companies such as e Harmony, Lovestruck and Guardian Soulmates, to TV dating expert Jo Hemmings and the glossy magazines who write about all things love, dating and breakups.

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The latest id3 version supports a "COPYRIGHT DATE" field, but I've never seen it populated, and I bet that it's blank in the databases for anything prior to that standard being issued.

In Musicbrainz's Picard you can select the original release date %originaldate to get the first recorded date for the releases for those in the group. id=3381 Obviously you will have to run them all through Picard and the releases need to be in Musicbrainz.

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