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’ Well then, what of her non-feminist sisters—you know, all those millions and millions of moms and wives who ignore what the New York Times thinks of ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’—are they unsuccessful imbeciles?

Dowd cannot see the real causes of her unhappiness and so chalks it up to being so smart that men are afraid of her. Part of the reason is that she hangs out with others equally as miserable and equally as clueless as she: The self-blindness startles.

Buzz Feed said the column "painted Pascal in such a good light that she engaged in a round of mutual adulation with Dowd over email after its publication." Both Dowd and Weinraub have denied that Weinraub ever received the column.

On December 12, 2014, Times public editor Margaret Sullivan concluded, "While the tone of the email exchanges is undeniably gushy, I don’t think Ms.

" -- say, whether successful men are put off by high-powered women -- could easily boomerang on her.

"I have no complaints about my personal life," she says in her stately Georgetown home, where the decor ranges from a pink jukebox to an expensively restored Hungarian portrait of a partially disrobed woman. I don't know how much more I'd get asked out if guys weren't scared of me.

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